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Jasmine Tea:
Jasmine Green Tea Pearls

Jasmine tea (hua cha) is tea from the Camellia Sinensis plant which is infused with fresh jasmine blossoms during the curing process. Green tea is usually the base for jasmine tea (i.e., "jasmine green tea"), but sometimes white and, more rarely, black or oolong are used.

How Jasmine Tea is Made
Jasmine teas are made in the summer when the jasmine blossoms are in bloom. This is the only time jasmine tea can be properly made.

Fresh green tea is cured directly with the jasmine blossoms and then separated. In some case, jasmine blossoms are also left in the or incorporated into the tea leaves in a flower arrangement.

Summer jasmine blossoms are poured over the tea.

Screens are used to filter the blossoms from the tea.

Teas considered highest quality are highly prized. Reserved mostly for the wealthy and for high government officials, these teas are rarely found outside of China. In tea shops, they are extravagant gifts rather than everyday teas.

There are many kinds of jasmine tea. Some are intricately tied in fancy flowers.


  • Use pure, whole tea. If you use jasmine tea pearls, you can simply pour water over them, and they will sink to the bottom and open up, so you don't need a filer. Powdered teabags should be avoided because they tend to be stale, low-quality teas. With tea, the fresher the better.

  • Use pure water. Never drink fluoridated water; there is no evidence that ingesting fluoride has any health benefits, but high levels are toxic and can even be immediately lethal.

  • Avoid boiling hot water. Drinking scalding liquid isn't good for the body, but steeping tea too hot may cause it to lose its health properties. As with any plant, there is a big difference between the cooked and raw leaves.

Dragon Pearl's Jasmine Tea:
Organic Mountain Jasmine Pearl Green Tea


Without question our most popular tea variety, this natural jasmine dragon pearl green tea is the finest available. These organic pearls are made with two baby green tea leaves rolled together and cured with real jasmine blossoms. If you like dragon pearl green tea, you'll be amazed at our quality: this is the freshest, highest-quality jasmine pearl you will ever taste.

When steeped, these superior-quality new leaf tips have a sweet jasmine aroma and a flavor you can only get from the very freshest tea. Yummy!


Makes about 100 cups of tea. Each large container has 30-40 servings; steep each serving 3-4 times.

We unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction.

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Organic Mountain Jasmine Pearls

100g airtight container - $16.90

100g refill bag - $15.30
(For customers who already have the container)

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