Dragon Pearl Whole Teas

We Are Dragon Pearl Tea
Mountain tea farms of the emperors

We honor our customers by providing
the finest quality, flavor and purity
at an excellent value.

We honor the farmers and packagers of our tea
by ensuring they are fairly
compensated and accommodated.

We honor our stores and distributors
by practicing business fairly,
honestly and consistently.

We honor the Earth and incorporate
conscience and charity into our business.

Our tea warehouse in California

Sustainable Organic Farming
Dragon Pearl Tea is grown organically in a fashion similar to techniques used for thousands of years, sustaining the ancient traditions of tea farming and culture in the Fujian Mountians. No chemicals are ever used in growing and processesing the tea.

Fair Trade
Managers of these mountain farms traditionally have had their own private company policies rather than organizational- or government-imposed regulations. We have been working with our tea farm partners to continue improving conditions for workers, and we continue to promote fair trade certification to them. Dragon Pearl Tea is sourced directly from farm co-ops that have field workers who are often disadvantaged and aged workers, who many times would not find employment in the private sector. They are fed on-site and paid fairly for work performed. The general wage of a hard working tea field worker or factory/curing operator is higher than standard wages of many city jobs.

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